Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday night.....

You've seen these canvases before but they didn't have as many layers of paint on them. When I walked in the studio tonight nothing was coming to me. I was feeling very ....... blank....... It happens. Just wasn't feelin' it. I sat and stared. I sat and stewed. I decided the thing to do is to just pick up a brush and sling some paint and where it takes me, it takes me. Sometimes that's what you have to do to get past a block. It may not even be a block but just a ...... blank...... spot in the brain. When that happens it's time to let the hands just take over. Let the tactile quality of the materials work on you and not think so much. Let intuition take over, so far that feels better........ I'll be back in the studio again tomorrow, we'll see how it feels then.
Hope you're having a good night,

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Teresa Mallen said...

The paint slinging is working - these look great!