Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I need more pencils!

Yes, I do. I need more colored pencils even though I have many hundreds of them - literally. I even have some full sets that haven't been disturbed yet. They look so pretty in their metal tins, all the colors of the rainbow lined up shiny and new, the beautiful sharp points just waiting there with so much potential. I have to confess, I am a colored pencil hoarder. Although I've been working in acrylic and mixed media more than anything else these last few years, I do still have my love for the humble pencil. After all, it was my first love and only love for over 2 decades. So what is the point (pun intended) of this post you ask? Prismacolor is coming out with new colors!!!! I need them, I want them, I must have them. Some of the colors are new and some are old colors being revived.

Check out  Prismacolor's blog post to see the list of 18 colors that they added to the line. They brought back 3 of the deco colors - yay! They also brought back 3 of the neon colors. Personally I would rather they left out the neons and brought back the rest of the deco colors, especially since they left out my favorite - deco orange, but hey, I'll deal. It's just fun to have some new colors to look for in the store, another reason excuse to buy more pencils.

While you're on Prismacolor's blog post I noticed they also have links to their lightfast ratings along with a link for tools, tips, and techniques so check those out if you're interested.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Field Trip!

One of our students (we'll call her Diane), has been asking (constantly nagging) us to go on a field trip to see a museum. So, given the fact that we like to give our students a well rounded education, (and like to have fun) one day we just said ROAD TRIP!!! And that is how we ended up in Deland last Wednesday instead of the usual class room. Our first stop was the Florida Museum for Women Artists (FMWA). Above you see Nancy looking at one of my personal faves, by Libby Ware titled Atlantis. You can't tell from this photo, that it's entirely made of clay. I love the white on white and the opposing shapes and textures of this piece.
Below is a detail of a painting called Daybreak. I am showing you one portion of it (apologies to the artist Chris Kling) so that you could better see the exquisite rendering of the palm trees. When you've lived in Florida as long as I have, palm trees are a dime a dozen. Carlynne and I both zeroed in on the loose but lovely quality of these.

This is another that was love at first sight for both Carlynne and I. Called Distance, this painting by Laura Varich is the most perfect blend of loose brush strokes, color, and shapes. Kudos.

Here you see one of our students, Johnie (aka Mom to me) viewing her favorite piece by Karlene McConnell titled Intersections. The artist may or may not have intended it to feel like flowers, but that is the way my Mom interpreted it. (Notice the flowers in her blouse.) I like the colors and the mix of straight and curvilinear elements.

Part of our group, Johnie, Diane (yes that one) and Cindy.

Diane, hiding.

Another fave of both Carlynne and myself. Grace Leal, the artist of this piece called Weeds, gave the curators license to arrange these small encaustic pieces any way they wanted and this is what they came up with. See closer view of individual pieces below.

Encaustic (painting with pigmented wax) is another thing that I would love to do if it didn't involve new materials and tools that I do not have. I am already crowding myself out of two studios. If only there was enough time, money and space to do everything I want to do!

Our second stop after a really nice lunch at the Mainstreet Grill (they had to put us in a separate room on the lower level so we didn't disturb other patrons), we headed to the Museum of Florida Art. Here you see Cindy playing curator in the M & M Exhibit by John Wilton. It's a wonderful interactive display of canvases all same shape in various sizes that the viewer is encouraged to arrange any way they want. Where else do they allow you to touch the artwork, (I've come close to being arrested for this)? And below you see the arrangement that Cindy and Nancy felt was just right.

I think we are fortunate in our fairly rural part of Central Florida to have as many high quality museums as we do. We have all decided that there are more field trips in our future. Hope you can join us next time!
Make art, not war.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Paint This Landscape Yourself!

Can you believe it's October already? And almost time for our October painting party/workshop. This painting is the Trinity River in California and we will be doing it in acrylic paint on Studio wrapped canvas. We supply everything and for $50 you get tools, supplies, and everything needed to create this yourself. Oh, did I mention the food, the fun and you can bring wine if you wish?!

October 28, 2011 from 7-10 PM

at Hershberger & Huff Studios in Ocala, FL.

Save the date and give us your reservation by Oct.21. Hope to see you there!