Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mark the October calendar

So, you already know about the Friday Night Painting Party that's happening on Sept. 30. Of course it's on your calendar and you're ready to paint the really cool beach piece. Just to get a little jump ahead we thought we'd also show you what we're planning for the Oct. 28th Painting Party. We're doing this lovely little landscape. This is one of my favorite scenes from the Trinity River in CA. It's 8x10 acrylic on canvas and I'll take you through it step by step. More details to come later.

I hope you're doing something creative,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

 Yep, Amazing Hubby is underneath the get up. He's getting ready to go outside and deal with the fiberglass form that is to become one of the herd known as Horse Fever.
 Here he is out in the backyard working with all sorts of tools. No, you can't see more than that because it's a big secret! Sept. 29 is the big reveal.
And, here we have my horse Sunny, all wrapped up and ready to go. He was picked up last Wednesday, wrapped in blankets along with 2 of his buddies, off they went to get their clear coats. It was a feeling of relief to have him finished but at the same time I was sad to see him go. He's now out of my hands. Our students are probably relieved to have the classroom back though. They've spent a few weeks just hearing voices from the other side of the horse. Now they actually get to see who's talking at the other table during class.

Moving on.......
Peace and happy painting,

My Painting

You know how you raise your kids and you send them out into the world and you hope they will do something to make you proud? Well this one did. Here is my piece hanging at Artful Gifts in the Circle Square Commons in Ocala, FL with my First Place Blue Ribbon beside it. Visit the Life at the Beach Exhibition while it's there if you can.

Make art, not war.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Save the Date!!

SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!!!

The next Friday Night
Painting Party/Workshop
At Hershberger & Huff Studios
Is set for
September 30, 2011
And we’re going back to the beach!

Come as you are, no need to bring anything,
We provide it all!
You leave with a 12x12 inch completed
Textured acrylic painting reminiscent of the beach!
For application/flyer reply to this email
Space is limited—act now!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Open House and Networking Event

Our neighbor and landlord BJ Trophies is hosting an Open House this Thursday evening and we are participating! The event, which is sponsored by Ocala Business Leaders, takes place from 5-7 PM on Thursday the 11th of August. We will both be open and available for questions and networking.

BJ Trophies will be highlighting "the machine," the Roland VersaCamm printer that does the most amazing things. We are the lucky recipients of a Grand Opening sign made on the machine and are in the process of having some high quality digital art reproductions done. If you are an artist you might want to see what this printer can do with your artwork.

If you come on Thursday you will see our newest artwork and jewelry on display. Come for food, fun, networking and information.

Make art,
not war.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Art History

Here is a piece from my new line of pendants in our Etsy shop. These are cave paintings,......well simulated cave paintings. And I think they look amazingly real. Well, OK, I've never been to Europe or seen any of the real cave paintings, but have studied them for years. I have always been fascinated by very early artwork, soooo Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as prehistoric paintings in caves have been a focus of interest for me. I have wanted to recreate them in jewelry for years and now I think I have done a pretty good job of depicting the textures, colors and the images.

This is the back of one of the pendants. They are approximately 2 inches and are on cords that are about 36 inches long. The best part is that although they look like they are done on pieces of stone, they are incredibly light weight as I started with art board. They are sold in our Etsy shop for $19 and free shipping!!!

I have used acrylic texture gels to recreate the feel of the cave and acrylic paint to simulate the colors. I seriously think that any artist worth her salt will want to wear her very own piece of Art History.

Peace and love,