Monday, August 1, 2011

Art History

Here is a piece from my new line of pendants in our Etsy shop. These are cave paintings,......well simulated cave paintings. And I think they look amazingly real. Well, OK, I've never been to Europe or seen any of the real cave paintings, but have studied them for years. I have always been fascinated by very early artwork, soooo Egyptian hieroglyphics as well as prehistoric paintings in caves have been a focus of interest for me. I have wanted to recreate them in jewelry for years and now I think I have done a pretty good job of depicting the textures, colors and the images.

This is the back of one of the pendants. They are approximately 2 inches and are on cords that are about 36 inches long. The best part is that although they look like they are done on pieces of stone, they are incredibly light weight as I started with art board. They are sold in our Etsy shop for $19 and free shipping!!!

I have used acrylic texture gels to recreate the feel of the cave and acrylic paint to simulate the colors. I seriously think that any artist worth her salt will want to wear her very own piece of Art History.

Peace and love,



Nancy Ihazs said...

You didn't to a good job; you did a GREAT job! These are sonderful and so very realistic. I probably must have oneof these too!

Kelli said...

Thanks, Nancy. And if you must, well then, you must!