Sunday, August 21, 2011

 Yep, Amazing Hubby is underneath the get up. He's getting ready to go outside and deal with the fiberglass form that is to become one of the herd known as Horse Fever.
 Here he is out in the backyard working with all sorts of tools. No, you can't see more than that because it's a big secret! Sept. 29 is the big reveal.
And, here we have my horse Sunny, all wrapped up and ready to go. He was picked up last Wednesday, wrapped in blankets along with 2 of his buddies, off they went to get their clear coats. It was a feeling of relief to have him finished but at the same time I was sad to see him go. He's now out of my hands. Our students are probably relieved to have the classroom back though. They've spent a few weeks just hearing voices from the other side of the horse. Now they actually get to see who's talking at the other table during class.

Moving on.......
Peace and happy painting,

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