Monday, March 28, 2011

Enhancing Your Environment

Enhance your environment is what Laura Howard does at Decorative Designs in Ocala, FL. You see her in the photo above (left) with one of our students, Lea. Carlynne and I and several of our students recently took advantage of the opportunity to see what Laura and her crew do at an event held at her studio on SR 200 in Ocala. It was a fantastic Artists Date for us (for an explanation of Artists Date see Julia Cameron's book The Artist's Way). Laura has many creative experts working for and with her and she herself has a huge amount of specialized training in faux finishes and other artistic mediums. She has trained in many places in the US as well as Italy and has over two decades of experience. Her showroom is a decorator and artists delight, a playground devoted to creative endeavors.

Here you see some of Laura's helpers at the desk with samples of faux finishes behind them. According to their website, "the possibilities are limited only by your imagination." And indeed I was amazed at what they can do with materials very similar to the ones we use on canvas. This photo shows a demonstration of applying Venetian Plaster. It was absolutly inspiring to see the textures and finishes achieved and all the exciting materials available at their location. They have all the supplies you need to enhance your environment, from faux finishes to murals, trompe l'oeil, marbeling, to texture appliactions or they can do it for you, custom designed to your wishes.

Decorative Desings is an incredbily creative place. Here you can see Diane and Carlynne examining some of the results. I was astounded at the faux marble and the textures created with a product called Wood Icing. We are now playing with a glazing cream we purchased from Laura. I strongly recommend that you join their email list and find out about classes and free demos. Here is a link to their site Visit them and enjoy. And watch here for more info on some of our favorite and most inspiring creative people. As we work on getting the word out about our work and studio, we'd like to feature the work of other artists also. We want to do this every Wednesday and call it Word Out Wednesday. If there is an artist you would like to see on our blog please let us know.

I wish you peace and creativity, Kelli

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The New H & H Studios

We are so excited about our new location for Hershberger & Huff Studios. Next month Red Swan Paint and Art will close it's doors for the last time and we will have our very first not-in-our homes studio.

To give you a little of our history, Carlynne and I started working together in 2002 (not exactly olden days but seems like a long time ago now). We didn't like the fact that we were both spending a lot of time teaching and not very much making our own art or furthering our own careers. We wanted to be artists that teach and not teachers that only paint once in awhile. We started meeting one day and then two days a week alternating from my studio to hers. By combining our weekly classes and teaching workshops together, we found we had less work and more time to paint. One day we discovered that we had the makings of a book with all the handouts we had written. North Light agreed and our book Creative Colored Pencil Workshop came to fruition.

There is sadness at leaving Red Swan which has been a great meeting place for artists to visit and share info over art supply purchases. Red Swan is where Carlynne and I met, wrote most of our book and painted full size horse sculptures together. There are many fond memories of the classes and workshops that we have taught there and the students who have been more much more than students to us.

But, change happens and is usually for the better. We will be in our new studio at 1735 NE Jacksonville Rd in Ocala sometime in April. It is the perfect size for us and we will have the best working space we've ever had. We are very grateful to all the people at BJ Trophies, our neighbors and landlords for giving us this fabulous opportunity. We believe that many more wonderful things will happen there and we hope you will join us. We will be posting updated info in this space as it becomes available.

Peace and Creativity,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going, going....

Just had to share a photo of our azaleas with you as they are now fading. Spring has sprung and now is turning into warm balmy days in Florida. And that means our new studio will be open soon, so watch for more info coming in the next few weeks.

I wish you peace and flowers every day,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moving On

History Waiting
oil on canvas

I think I showed you this painting when it was in the works, so here it is finished. It's part of the adoption series that's on-going. Personal history and memories are a large part of that series.

Well, very soon my life at Red Swan will be part of my history and nothing more than a memory. The store is closing April 30 and will be no more. I first started working there in September of 1992 - an amazing 19 years ago. For the most part I can hardly believe it's been that long but there are some days when it seems twice that. I think it's going to be bitter sweet for me. I'm going to miss seeing some of the characters who come to shop there. I'm going to miss seeing my artist friends coming in for their supplies and then staying a while to visit. I'm certainly going to miss the access to the supplies and my employee discount. The other part of me however is looking forward to something new. So, what is that new thing you ask? Kelli and I need a place to teach our art classes when the store closes so we're taking the plunge and opening our own classroom. We're over the moon excited about having our own space. It'll be part classroom, part gallery and part studio space.

I'll do another post soon with some photos, location, move in date and lots more. Stay tuned!

Friday, March 4, 2011


My kitty, formally known as King Tut, but usually called Kitty, died on Monday of this week after 16 years of doing all things his way. I took this photo a couple of years ago and it surprised me when I saw it on my monitor as the lighting gave it such an ethereal quality. It seemed appropriate to use on this post as he looks very angelic here, which he rarely was in life.

We mourn his passing more than we have some humans as he was a huge part of our lives for more than a decade and a half. He was cheerful, energetic, demanding and very often wild and devilish, but always a happy cat and I still look for him everywhere and am sure that I hear him many times a day.

You are greatly loved,
Good night, sweet kitty.

Peace and love to you and your pets.