Thursday, March 17, 2011

Moving On

History Waiting
oil on canvas

I think I showed you this painting when it was in the works, so here it is finished. It's part of the adoption series that's on-going. Personal history and memories are a large part of that series.

Well, very soon my life at Red Swan will be part of my history and nothing more than a memory. The store is closing April 30 and will be no more. I first started working there in September of 1992 - an amazing 19 years ago. For the most part I can hardly believe it's been that long but there are some days when it seems twice that. I think it's going to be bitter sweet for me. I'm going to miss seeing some of the characters who come to shop there. I'm going to miss seeing my artist friends coming in for their supplies and then staying a while to visit. I'm certainly going to miss the access to the supplies and my employee discount. The other part of me however is looking forward to something new. So, what is that new thing you ask? Kelli and I need a place to teach our art classes when the store closes so we're taking the plunge and opening our own classroom. We're over the moon excited about having our own space. It'll be part classroom, part gallery and part studio space.

I'll do another post soon with some photos, location, move in date and lots more. Stay tuned!

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Dee said...

very nice!! good luck in your new venture!!