Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Go Green

Have you ever had a morning when you're startled awake at 5 a.m. for no apparent reason? That was this morning. I have no idea why, all I know is the headache that came with the sudden awakening wouldn't let me go back to sleep, so here I am......

So, happy St. Patrick's Day! Yeah, I know, I'm Puerto Rican, so what? In honor of the day I thought I'd post something green - as if that's different from what I usually paint :) This one is still on the easel so there's a few things left to be done. I'm working on two of these at the same time and hope to be done this week. It's a busy time - classes, workshop coming up this weekend and of course many canvases to paint. Ain't life grand!

Hope you have a great time today whatever you're doing,


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

yes but instead of waking I slept late..til 745!

Luv your work!

Carlynne said...

thanks Robin, feeling is mutual!

Teresa Mallen said...

Well green is my favourite colour and as I am of Irish descent, this piece works for me! Happy St. Pat's to you too and I hope your headache has disappeared. Life is indeed grand! :-)

Anonymous said...

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