Thursday, March 11, 2010

Studio Day

This piece is not new but I don't think I have shown it to you before. I am in the studio working, have been all day, thanks to the rain. And I have 8 pieces that are in various stages of progress at the moment. (Aren't you proud of me? I know I am) However, the ones I am currently working on are not very interesting yet, and while I am waiting for drying time, (you know what they say about watching paint dry), I was just looking at older work.

This is one that I was never sure I liked and couldn't decide if it was done. I tell students that a piece is done when they cannot do anything to make it better. Of course sometimes we need someone else to tell us that, it's not always easy to be objective, especially when you have been working on the same piece for awhile. Now, I have decided that I like this and I am calling it done. I hope you agree and I always welcome you comments.

Peace and creativity,

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