Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Name Game

Name this.......

and win this
Passage 63
Mixed Media

Come up with the winning name for the hubcap and get this little original abstract.
The media used on this piece are acrylic, handmade paper, garnets, copper leaf, tissue paper and crackle paste.

Deadline for name suggestions is 5 pm Eastern time on Friday, March 5.

Have a great day everyone!


Cristina Manole said...

Name of the hubcap (which I love by the way):RIVER BED WITH RED DERBY
entering to win the painting which I also find very beautiful.
thank you
Cristina Manole

Jessi said...


Kelli said...

I say name it Wheel of Future. What....?? You mean I am not elible to win?


Mark Yearwood said...

I would say one name...
"Split Decision" since it has two sides!

Carlynne said...

Geez Kelli, don't you have enough of my work already?

Kelli said...

No, I can never get enough of your work.

Itaya said...

I keep hearing 'Infinity'as a title.
what a lovely work of art! Love both the hubcap and the piece up for winning. You do such beautiful work. :)

Chris said...

For the blue side, "Riverglass." The green side, "Canary Cubism." The first because it looks like shattered stained glass on a river bottom, the second because it might be what a canary would see from its nest...if plagued with "cubist vision".

Or...green side "Chuckle," blue side "Hide"...that captures the duality of the piece, and is phonetically reminiscent of the Jekyll/Hyde dichotomy. The changes reflect the spirit of each side; lighthearted green side, and the other one is simply Blue. Pun intended.

ennadoolf said...

My suggestion for a name for the piece: Larimar

...because it reminds me of that beautiful gemstone from the Dominican Republic, as well as the beautiful blue sky/ocean in the DR. And the golds and whites are reminiscent (sp?) of the white sandy beaches that go on for miles and miles. :)
ennadoolf [at] gmail [dot] com