Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hubcap name game part 2

Name this......

and win this
Passage 70
Mixed Media

Just so you remember, the top photo is the flip side of the hubcap. If your name suggestion wins you get this original acrylic abstract painting. 2 sides, 2 winners, 2 prizes. If one person wins the name for both sides, that person gets both prizes!
The deadline is this Friday, March 5th at 5pm. There's some great entries so far. I should have you guys name all my paintings, Keep 'em coming, keep entering! Wow, such creativity! I love it.



Itaya said...

Ohhh! Another awesome chance to win some artwork!! :)

Let's see...how about 'Break Away'. Yeup...I think that's it.

Thanks for another chance to win some of your amazing artwork!! :)

I'm gonna have to do a give away soon once I get things organized and settled down around here.

Artist said...

Hi Carylnne!

Thanks for the comment on our blog. Im glad to share to anyone the knowledge of great books! Especially that one...it really has a lot of different techniques for colored pencil. I really just have hit the tip of the ice berg when it comes to colored pencil. I definatly think i will be doing more of it in the future, im stuck in the world of acrylics right now. If you are ever planning on being in the Seattle area, let us know. We would love for you to have a workshop here.

-Dawn Brown
Everett Artist's Supply and Framing
Everett, WA

ennadoolf said...

The blue side reminded me of the DR gemstone, Larimar ... this one ...

It's so bright and colourful! So continuing in a gemstone naming train of thought, there is a Canadian stone called Ammolite that lovely bright bits in it just like this! So my name suggestion is Ammolite for this side. :)
ennadoolf [at] gmail [dot] com