Thursday, January 3, 2008

Paint like you're retired

Earth Passage 2

As artists we have at least 2 jobs - the 2 main ones being painting and marketing. We're constantly walking a fine line between what the market wants (or just plain trying to figure out what the market wants) and what we really want to paint. Do we paint for the trends, the current popular palette? Do we paint what we think show judges will want to see at the next big juried exhibition or do we paint for the gallery director we're hoping to impress.

We spend our creative lives second guessing what other people want at the same time we're figuring out who we are with each painting challenge. What a stressful place to be for a creative spirit. If we're constantly trying to please others there's a part of us that dies. If we don't even think about the market the bank account dies. We have to learn the balancing act and one thing that I've decided is to leave the marketing at the office door. Thankfully my office is separate from my studio so mentally it makes it easier for me to compartmentalize the two aspects of my art career. When I'm in the studio I'll paint like I'm retired. For me, separating the office from the studio is the only way to enjoy the process of painting and isn't that why we're painters to begin with? We're called to the process. I think we're creative from cradle to grave. As painters we don't really retire but we can paint like we are.

Happy New Year and happy painting in 08

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