Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Painting

Earth Passage 8

Hi and happy Saturday,
This is one of the latest from the easel. I'm loving the square format and now it looks like I'm leaning toward the geometric along with the organic in the subject itself. I started with a base of super heavy body gesso to give the canvas some texture. Along with the Interactive acrylics I used a wonderful copper metallic paint for accent and then I felt it needed something more. I had been playing with an idea on another canvas, it involved collaging squares of tissue and squares of paper from the phone book representing the human element in connection with earth's elements. It worked for what I wanted to say so I expanded that onto this canvas. I usually have several things going at once and sometimes the paintings end up influencing each other. This is my kind of multi-tasking. Why is that so much easier to do in the studio than in the rest of my life?

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. Mine will involve studio time but I do have to take that Christmas tree down sometime! Or maybe I could put Valentine's Day ornaments on it.


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