Sunday, January 6, 2008


Earth Passage 3

Hello again, just thought I'd post another piece in this series. I finished the last piece in the series this weekend. I ended up with 9 in this particular group. This is actually a series within a series so I'm excited about starting on the next set of paintings.

I hope the start to your new year is fabulous. Recently one of the girls in our OoHA group suggested we write down a list of our accomplishments in 07. I thought the list might be kind of short. I don't know about you but 07 was a blur. Thankfully instead of ending up depressed I was pleasantly surprised! Give this a try. Once you start writing you remember all the little steps along the way that are getting you closer to your goals. It's definitely worth doing before making your goals list for 08.

Time to get back to the studio and pretend I'm retired.


Sharon Crute said...

Love the concept: "paint like you're retired". How liberating and conducive to creativity! Another thought to add to the handwritten wall of my studio...

A successful '08 to you both.

Carlynne said...

You're right, it is liberating, it's one way of leaving fear at the door. see you at OOHA's

Sharon Crute said...

Okay you two: I just tagged your blog (lucky you, sorry). Visit mine to see what to do...