Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Creative Goals for 2008

Hi All,

Our Art marketing salon (OoHA) met last night and we went over our goals for this year and divided up into groups of two. Lynne and I usually work together, but Mary Verrandeaux and I were randomly assigned to be partners in this project. (See the link to Mary's website to the right. You will love her work.) The idea of the partnership is to help encourage one another and hold each other accountable. It is much more difficult to face a partner and admit that you did not do what you committed to do.

Below is my list of creative goals for 2008:

1. Spend more time using my camera and learn to really take advantage of its features.
2. Make better use of Photoshop Elements.
3. Develop a new painting series.
4. Complete the new book is this calendar year.
5. Meditate daily to clear mind to allow creativity to enter.
6. Do a better job of sticking to schedule.
7. Schedule time to work on impressionistic landscapes using Interactive acrylics.
8. Organize studio for better use.
9. Plan and follow through on artists dates.
10. Work on new magazine articles.
11. Strive to write in journal daily.

I will be identifying steps and setting deadlines to achieve these goals. Later in the week, I will list my marketing goals. Good achievable goals are specific, measurable and are within our control. Good luck with setting and achieving your goals.

Peace in 2008.


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