Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Hi All,

At this time of renewal, I though I'd say a few words about what the beginning of a new year means to me. I do not do New Years Resolutions, but I am a major believer in setting goals. Many people ask Lynne and I how we started working together and why. The answer is simple-goals.

We were not accomplishing what we wanted to in our art careers. We wanted to be artists who teach, but we were teachers who had little time for art. About 5 years ago, we started combining forces to help each other. First we started teaching classes together and eventually combined all of our classes into 3 hour studio courses. This allows us to teach any media and to have two instructors allowing one of us to be gone when needed without cancelling classes. We began to teach workshops together and eventually put our experience into a book proposal which was accepted by North Light (F & W Publishing) and was released in May of 2007, Creative Colored Pencil Workshop.

All of this was a direct result of setting goals and being accountable to each other. There is no question in my mind that book would never have been written if we had not decided to set goals and deadlines for accomplishing them. We now have a new book we're working on that has been accepted by our publisher and is slated to be released in 2009. Who would have thought?!!

We also choose priorities for each year. Which exhibits to enter, how many pieces to finish, what new series to begin. We report to each other and encourage each other as well as critique as needed. This has increased production and recognition for both of us. We are also a part of a salon group called Out of Hand Artists which focuses on marketing. This has been immensely helpful for us; we are learning to network and use our skills and individual strengths to get our work out there and create sales.

My advice to anyone who wants to accomplish something, anything, in 2008 is to set goals. Decide what is most important and which steps are needed to get there. Give yourself deadlines for each step and congratulate yourself when you achieve them. Focus on what you have done, don't waste time on what didn't get done.

And write down those goals. Remember, an unwritten goal is only a wish. My wish for all of your is a Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Peace in 2008


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Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Hey Kelli and Carlynne,

Tag! I just arrived back in Orlando from Atlantis. I had started my goals and review of 2007in November got caught up in our birthday, holiday, vacation time and had not yet finished. Thank you for the wonderful personal story and inspiration to get back on task.