Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Work

Hi All,

Finally, here is something new I am working on. This new series is called bondage, and it opens up a whole lot of possibilities for me, creatively and emotionally. Even when I paint something that is based entirely on representational subjects, I think something of myself goes in. I believe that artists cannot avoid that. But this one really hit home for me. I think bondage can describe many stages in our lives, both good and bad. When we are children we are in bondage (or so it seems) to our parents. When we marry and have our own children, we are bound to them by love and duty. We can be bound by jobs, debts, contracts, or addictions. Bondage usually has a negative conotation, but love can be as binding as any thing else.

I hope you have a lovely and creative day.



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Nancy Moskovitz said...

I love that painting! I am partial to abstracts with just enough realism so it can be described as "the one with...."