Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Interactive Acrylic Workshop and COMPUTERS!

Well I finally got to post. I'm using a different computer than I usually do. The other one nearly got thrown against the wall. %*&#@* I'm okay now - just had to get that out. Anyway, Kelli and I taught a workshop last Saturday. This is the painting that we had everyone do. It's from a photo I took in California. We had 11 people in the workshop so it was a nice size crowd and I think it turned out very well. They all seemed to be happy with it and that's our main concern. We want our students to not only learn something but have a good time too. What I found especially interesting is how different every one's paintings turned out. They all used the same 6 colors (Interactive Acrylic - great stuff) and we provided the line drawing for them to transfer to the canvas. The result was 11 completely different pieces. It's wonderful! Now that the workshop is done I have a couple of days off and it's studio time. I can't wait to unwrap my new canvas. There's another series brewing.
Enjoy the rest of your day,


Jelaine Faunce said...

I bought the whole set of those interactive colors and their mediums, but have yet to try them out. They've been collecting dust in my supply closet for about 3 months now. How do you like them? I'm so keen on the idea of acrylic which dries slower. I'm always cussing at my regular acrylic, if only it gave me just one extra minute of fluidity.

Carlynne said...

I love, love, love, them. I'm doing more and more with them now. I'm using the conventional acrylic just for toning the canvas and blocking in areas. Interactive with the Slow Medium is great. The way I work is dipping the brush in the medium, mixing it with the paint and using the water sprayer with my left hand to keep it moist and I find I can blend on and on.
Dust those tubes off and give it a try. Be patient though, they take a little getting used to.
Thanks for the comments and email.
talk to you later,