Friday, April 6, 2007

This is the first in the cavern series. It's acrylic - both the conventional and the new Interactive plus gold leaf on gallery wrap canvas. It's 18x36. I just love the flowing organic shapes and forms found in caves. I know these colors are not exactly what you see in caves but I also love reds and golds. Another group in this series is done on square canvas with texture added. Those are fun too. I'll put one of those up soon.
When I figure out the significance of these forms in my work I'll let you know. I've been thinking about this for a while because I'm still working with the series and so far it really doesn't seem to be any deeper than - I love the shapes. I'm afraid I'm not one of those artists that writes paragraphs of "art speak" that runs around in circles and doesn't really say much. I paint what I'm compelled to paint and for now that's cave formations. Hopefully someone else will respond to them and find them interesting too.
Have a great weekend everyone,

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