Thursday, April 5, 2007

Here is another of Kelli's Beach series. This is number 6. She'll be telling you a lot more about this series so look for a post from her soon. I wish you could feel it. I have a couple of her pieces in my office and I have to say I can't keep my hands off them. She did say it was okay to touch.
Later be on the look out for a very red painting. I'll post one of my cavern pieces.


Joanie San Chirico said...

Beautiful! The texture is amazing even on the screen. What medium is this?

Kelli said...

Hi Joanie,

Thanks for the kind words. I am using acrylic texture mediums, in this case, sand texture, and a new product by Luiquitex called Extra Heavy Body Gesso. I love it because it goes on like cake frosting, unlike the modeling paste which is a little like a cement texture. After the textures are dry, I use fluid acrylics and float them on with a spray bottle of water. That way they flow into the valleys and highlight the peaks in the texture. I love this and may never leave textures for flat paintings again.


Joanie San Chirico said...

I actually have some of that and haven't used it yet, also just bought something called Texture Magic dimensional paint last week to play with. And yum, fluid acrylics are the best. Will check back to see what you both are doing.

Joanie San Chirico said...

Hopefully, you won't get this twice, the first one disappeared on me!

I actually bought some of that and haven't used it yet. Also bought something called Texture Magic Dimensional Paint which I haven't had time to play with either. And, yum, fluid acrylics are the best!

Will check back to see what you both are up to.

Carlynne said...

Hi Joanie, not sure if Kelli saw your comment yet but I'm butting in to ask a question - who makes the Texture Magic paint? It sounds interesting. Also I don't think Kelli mentioned this before but these Beach paintings also have Golden's Mica Flakes in them. I love that stuff.

Joanie San Chirico said...

I found it in the Home Dec painting area at Michael's. It's made by Delta and it comes in colors, I got Sienna. Not sure if it's worth anything, but it looked interesting. Says it "adds texture to most any surface". The picture uses it in a stencil for dimension, but I think you could do other things with it, since I don't use stencils. Might be fun to play though.

I see the Mica flakes, since I primarily work in textiles, I thought they were beads!

Just linked my blog you yours, I'll be back often. Thanks for posting on mine, or I never would have found you.