Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another Series

Homestead Grove 7
mixed media
I hope everyone had a very nice holiday weekend. I spent Sunday with family huddled around an outdoor fireplace. It's a tradition that we spend the day outdoors so we couldn't let a little cold weather stand in the way of that. Florida, Easter and fireplaces just don't seem to go together but here we are, only 4 days later and we have the a/c on because it's too hot. Ahhhh, back to normal.
So, the piece posted above is from - you guessed it - another series. All together there are 4 series going at once. That may seem like a lot but they are all related in some way. Two are about rocks and caverns and the other 2 are about the landscape and skies. All are about nature and textures. This particular piece is a landscape based on an avocado grove in south FL. I toned the canvas with red acrylic first then used gold leaf for the entire sky. With a palette knife I applied thick acrylic for the local colors on the trees and foreground and then finished with some oil paint on top. I've done several of these with this combination of media and some with Interactive acrylic on top.
The danger of working with mixed media is not the toxicity of the materials but remembering later what media I mixed on what canvas. I have to write this info down as soon as I'm done painting. I've reached the age of lists. It should be listed on life's time line along with the others like 'age of reason' - what age is that anyway? I didn't write it down.
Choose happiness,


Shelley said...

I love the rich colors and the way the piece makes me feel as though I am taking a long walk in this orange grove.

RE: the age of reason
The older I get the more unreasonable I feel!

Carlynne said...

Thank you Shelley. It was fun to paint. your comment on age of reason.