Friday, April 6, 2007

Hi All

Hi All,

Whenever I finish something, like the book or a workshop, I need to do something different. I think that is what's nice about working in more than one media. It enables you to work in a loose manner or tightly detailed, or chose one media or mix them. Carlynne seems to be the same way. For the book, we worked on paper, mostly realistically with lots of detail. As soon as the book went to press, we had to grab large brushes and move to canvas. That's when my beach series started and I have not grown tired of it yet. I still have more ideas about the way the water and sand interact. But I also have additional things I want to do with the texture in other natural subjects, such as rocks, caves, skies, florals, etc. I am working a lot with texture gels and we will be covering this in a workshop in June so watch for more information soon.

Peace and happy painting,

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