Friday, May 1, 2009

Altered Books and then some

Hi everyone. Well Kelli got us back in the blogging groove again. It had been quite some time for both of us. Since the last post there's been family gatherings, holidays, painting, meetings, a new year rung in, home remodeling, family reunion, babies birthing and thankfully lots more painting. No wonder we haven't blogged much.

What you see here is one page out of many from an altered book I'm working on. This is only my second altered book. The first one I did was for a family member. Since doing that one I was intrigued with the process so decided to make one just for the heck of it. Well that has now turned into an entire series of works based on the theme of women and body image. The book is almost done and the ideas have expanded into many canvases. Once in a while I'll post a peek at the new stuff. For now I'm going to keep working on the book and canvases for as long as the ideas keep flowing.

Peace and presence,

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