Saturday, May 9, 2009

And the point is....

This is the last one of these little watercolor pencil pieces. I only did 3 but I'm wanting to do more. Of course now I'm involved in another series on canvas and have about a dozen of those going. I used to be able to work on one piece at a time and now I have to have multiple things in progress. Does anyone else out there change their working habits over time? Through the years my style has loosened up quite a bit and as I progress and evolve, the way I work changes too. I also find myself working in series now. Working on multiple pieces in a series helps keep the ideas going, one painting will generate an idea for another in the series and it flows better. The downside to all this is some mornings when I walk in the studio I'll stand there and think....geez, which one do I work on first. I'm pulled in different directions. I do a little bit here and a little bit there and at the end of the day it doesn't look like I accomplished much. Well, maybe I have been getting a little bit done. The evidence is piling up around me.
Have a good weekend and Happy Mother's Day
PS: in case you're wondering, these 3 pieces were of the St. John's River in Jacksonville. They currently reside at Fogle Fine Art in Jacksonville.

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