Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brush Mileage (Addendum)

Hi Again,

In my blog earlier today, I titled it Brush Mileage and forgot to finish that thought before signing off. (Too right brained today, I guess.)

I had come across the phrase "brush mileage" on an artists blog prior to my post and it really stuck with me. When I decided to include it in the post, I went back to find it and give credit where due. The problem is that I came across 4 artists using the term on their blogs with no credit to anyone. Apparently great minds do think alike. What occured to me is that brush mileage is artists' "due diligence". It's how we do the investigation, put in the time, pound the pavement, beat the bushes, get the info. Brush mileage is our work and it is what shows results in the end. Period.

Once again, Peace, Love and Creativity to you all.

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