Saturday, May 23, 2009

Look With Your Hands

Passage 62 (close up)
This is a close up of a piece I just posted on Etsy. I need to do these close ups even closer I think. It's nearly impossible to convey texture in a photograph! I love texture, I want to run my hands all over some pieces. As a matter of fact Kelli and I nearly got ourselves kicked out of a gallery once for not being able to keep our hands off the work. Now why create something with such luscious texture and then not let people touch it? Yeah, I know....protecting the artwork. As an artist I get that but I want people to touch these little creations. Interacting with it is part of the process. Pick it up, run your hand across it and feel it go from silky smooth to wrinkled to sandy to rough to bumpy. Sometimes it's OK to look with your hands.

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