Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Painting with a Point

This is a piece I did with watercolor pencil on paper. It was loads of fun to do. This particular technique is quick and it ends up looking very painterly. I dip the pencil point directly into water and then scrub the color on with the side of the wet pencil point. Doing it this way puts down a nice thick layer of color. I guess it's about as close to working with impasto strokes as you can get with a pencil point. As I'm sure you can tell this was done from a satellite image, can you tell where it is?


Chris said...

That's a cool looking effect! I have watercolor pencils, but haven't used them for much more than touching up color. Have to give them a try.

Carlynne said...

Thanks, I'd love to see what you do when you do try it.