Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gone surfing

Yay! I'm back online. I've only been offline for a few hours but that's enough to send me over the edge sometimes. Normally I consider myself a fairly level headed, even tempered sort but when this connection that's supposed to be connected 24/7 in actuality is connected 20/7 I get really PO'd. What does that say about me? Am I obsessed with this thing? Have we become so dependent on it that our lives come to a screeching halt without it? Kelli and I were talking about this just the other day. It's amazing how much computer time we have to put in order to make our fine art worlds work. Gone are the days of spending most of our hours at the easel. Of course we have to put in the time painting but we have to put in just as much at the computer in order for the rest of the world to know that we did the easel time. Am I whining? Just a little bit.....I feel much better now that the Internet is working again and I'm very grateful that I can log into blogger, facebook, myspace, twitter, linkedin, etsy, paypal, youtube, the bank, the local news etc, etc, etc.....................

While I'm surfing here's the latest from the easel, although it's not literally from the easel considering it's too small to fit on one. This is one of the 5x5 series and it's mixed media on panel. It's acrylic, collage decorative paper, wire and tumbled stones on a textured surface.

Feeling peaceful and wishing you great connections,


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