Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Were they trying to make us think it was paradise?

So, here we were in Gainesville at North Florida Radiation Oncology for my appointment and there were bird of paradise everywhere. It was a beautiful facility and there were huge potted plants all over - 9 of them.
My hubby had his phone and of course I had my new little camera with me so we were the weirdos in the lobby shooting pictures like crazy!

Isn't it wonderful when you have something scary you have to do and when it's done, it's not so scary after all? And then suddenly.... you find yourself surrounded by beauty. Take time to enjoy.
Love and peace,


Teresa Mallen said...

I am catching up so first of all, I really love your abstract of the earth image! Wonderful. Also, great pics of the art loving ladies. My students get very camera shy when I try to snap pics. :-)

And yes it is very wonderful when something scary turns out not to be so bad after all but heck, oncology? I'm thinking I missed a post or something. Time to send you some heart felt wishes and prayers for incredible health, healing, recovery and renewal. Hang in there, this is only for a season. Thanks for sharing your pics of paradise! :-)

Carlynne said...

Teresa, thanks so much for your comments - about everything! Yes, I have a great group of students. They're very kind to put up with me and my new camera, LOL!

And, no you didn't miss a post. I just didn't really get into it here. Everything happened quickly, it was endometrial cancer so I was diagnosed in Oct. had a total hysterectomy in Nov. and now am doing just a few treatments of radiation as a precautionary measure. It was stage 1 so we got it in time. I'm feeling pretty good now and don't expect any adverse effects from the treatments. I went from recovering from surgery right into the holidays - the last few months have been a blur. Thanks for your good wishes. All those happy thoughts help with healing.

I hope you had a fabulous holiday and here's to a great 2010!!!

Jenifer said...

Hi Carylnne,
Jen Stover here! I am the Physician Assistant you met at North Florida Radiation Oncology Group last week. It was so nice to meet you and your husband, I really enjoyed talking with you...although, I wish I had met you under different circumstances.

I wanted to thank you for placing your beautiful pictures and heart felt comments about our facility on your blog. I truly appreciate it.

Your artwork is beautiful and I love that you include so many different materials in your work. I especially like the abstract on the earth image. I wish I lived closer and didn't have to work every day so I can take your classes!! I am very interested in your workshops so please keep in touch.

Thanks Again,

Carlynne said...

I agree Jen, better circumstances would've made for a more fun meeting. It's interesting how I didn't notice all those huge plants in the lobby on the way IN to the appt. If you had told me they were there I wouldn't have believed you. Fear of the unknown can really blind you. On the way out and feeling so much calmer, I saw them everywhere!

Many thanks to you and the rest of the staff for putting me at ease. I guess I'll be seeing you very soon.

Carlynne said...

oops, forgot to mention - thanks for your comments on the painting!I really appreciate that. We'll put you on our mailing list for future workshops.