Sunday, January 10, 2010

Staying warm in the studio

Well, I'm over the excitement of Florida snow. Now it just needs to warm up a little, I don't mean get hot again, just a little warmer. We're such wimps down here.
Ok, back to the studio...... I finished this one as you can see. I've used a slightly different palette than I've used recently. I was really into the blue/green and still am but on this one I was introducing the human element into the earth compositions so I wanted to add some unusual colors. This is all acrylic, even the texture. I used a palette knife to sculpt the paint into the river shape and lay down a base color of blue. After adding more layers of color I sanded the raised areas to bring back the blue color and then dry brushed the lights over the rest of the painting to enhance the texture over all and give the feeling of cloud cover.
Now I'm working on another one with the same techniques but with a base of red instead of blue. I'll post a pic of that one soon. There's also a piece in progress that involves crochet - don't know where that one's going yet, right now it just looks like a mess! Maybe I should post that one and get your input.
That's it for now, stay warm wherever you are,

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