Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It was a pleasure - kind of

Well, this morning was my last radiation treatment. What a great feeling to now have that in the past. In a previous post I showed you these beautiful bird of paradise from the lobby of North Florida Radiation Oncology so I thought I'd put up a couple more. I'm bringing up the cancer center again because I want to share with you just how wonderful these people are. I can't remember ever being in a medical facility that made me feel so cared for. I want to say a very special thank you to Laurel who took good care of me and kept me company while waiting for treatment. Laughing is always a good thing. Dr. Hayes and Jen Stover, her PA were absolutely outstanding! I just can't say enough good things about them. It's so difficult to go through this kind of diagnosis, surgery and treatment so it means the world to a patient when the doctors and staff can make you feel so calm and comfortable. To go from terrified on the first day to hanging out at the Bella Cafe in the lobby (great coffee by the way, roasted on site) says a lot about a facility. If you or a loved one has to go to NFRO you'll be in good hands.
Tomorrow I'll talk about art stuff,


Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations on your newest milestone! As you said, now it is in the past. It is wonderful that you encountered such caring people. It really does help. I spent two weeks in a palliative care facility (with my father). The staff were truly tremendous. I watched them work with patients who were in situations that most of us would find horrendous and yet they did everything with love, compassion and grace. It makes all the difference...

The plants are gorgeous and again, congratulations!

ennadoolf said... find beauty everywhere...