Saturday, January 9, 2010

Just had to share....

I was so excited I had to take pictures! I've lived in Florida for over 37 years. I've seen snow flurries before but never did it stick. I was hoping to get up early enough to see it fall but that didn't happen, that's ok.... I still got to see it.

I love living down here but sometimes I do miss the change of seasons I remember in New Jersey when I was growing up. I have very fond memories of snow, sleigh riding, snowball fights and giant icicles hanging from the roof. I especially loved seeing the fresh blanket in the morning with little bird tracks imprinted across the yard. What I don't miss - the slushy, freezing, dirty, city snow, having to drive in it or shovel it. So now I'm enjoying this little dusting of cold and very happy to be here in the south.
stay warm and enjoy,

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