Thursday, January 14, 2010

Be nice, it's not done yet

Today was studio day. Have you ever had a painting day where you just didn't know what to think about what you were doing? That was today. This is a piece in progress and I'm kind of happy and kind of not. Maybe it's just an ugly stage, I don't know. Maybe I'll love it tomorrow. I guess that would be better than the "what was I thinking" moment. The one where you go to bed thinking this new piece is "faaaabulous ~ look what I'm doing, it's awesome" only to wake up the next morning, take one look and realize it's crap. Has that ever happened to you? Taking some time to have that fresh perspective is a good thing, it helps you evaluate and edit your work. But.... how do we really know if it's crap or not? How do we really see what we're doing? Do we see the work the same way other people see it? Of course not. We're too close to it. How I see it will be determined by my feelings at the moment. So.... what does this mean? Tonight it's just something in progress that I'm feeling very wishy washy about. Tomorrow if I'm feeling good, energetic and confident I might have a strong feeling about how to finish the piece or I could wake up and attack it with a jar of gesso. Only time will tell.

sweet dreams,


Jessi Miller said...

I love it!! It's not crap! In fact, I'd call it done. I love the squares and patterns and how that mixes with non-patterned... ahh, it's great, don't fret :)

Carlynne said...

Thanks Jessi. I don't think I'll get out the gesso. :) I always get like this right before finishing this type of work. A representational painting is easier to tell when it's done. These abstracts take a little more agonizing over and it's difficult to be objective about your own stuff.

Teresa Mallen said...

Humm, so the verdict was no for gesso. I look forward to seeing how you work on it today - shall it be a simple tweak here and there or a major overhaul??? Thanks for sharing the wip!

Carlynne said...

Hi Teresa,
I like seeing other people's wip so I thought I'd share a little more of mine. I'm heading into the studio for the afternoon so we'll see where this one ends up. No, there won't be a major overhaul but it might take a little more than tweaking. I'll post when it's done.