Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Fun Time

Hi Everyone,

We had a really good time last night in Orlando at the Gallery at Avalon Island. The staff at Red Swan, (the art supply store, where we teach, work and hang out) received an invitation to the private party to celebrate the opening of an exhibition of the artwork of Bobby Goldsboro. Yes, THAT Bobby Goldsboro ("Honey" and "Watching Scotty Grow.") And yes, I did say the private party.

The photos include Bobby Goldsboro and Mel Tillis (yes THAT Mel Tillis, country singer, actor, etc.) and they are both very nice people. We were thrilled to be included and had a wonderful time. Bobby and Mel are both painters and come into Red Swan for art supplies and framing.

The gallery is in the old downtown and is very nice. The artwork was surprisingly good for someone who just took up painting two years ago and has worked without lessons. Lynne and I both went with two of our students, Gisela and Nancy. One of the photos shows Nancy getting an autograph from Bobby. (Notice we're on a first name basis.) It was a fun girls/artist night out and we decided we need to get out of town more often.
Peace and creativity in 2008

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Nancy Moskovitz said...

Thanks for the chuckle; great post today.