Monday, February 11, 2008

Checking In

Hi All,

I am almost done with the first painting in this series. Actually I thought I was done and Carlynne told me I was not. (I have learned to pay attention when she tells me something.) The funny thing is that I am much more likely to overwork a painting than to leave it unfinished.

When I start a new series, I never know how it is going to work out. I have a vision in my mind but sometimes it goes in another direction. What I know for sure is that the texture is the most important element for me. That means that I have to use the paint in a way that makes it show to best advantage. The simplest thing can take much experimentation. The biggest struggle for me in this series is whether it should be hard edged or soft or both. I have decided I won't know until I get a few more paintings done.

I hope there is creativity in your life. Look at artwork, listen to music and make something.

World Peace in 2008

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