Thursday, April 28, 2011

Studio Update

Here is a quick update on the new studio. This photo shows four of our students working in the Wednesday Open Studio Class. Open studio means that students can work on any and all media. From left to right, Mary is working with watercolor and colored pencil. Cindy is working on an oil painting, Betty is deciding on her next colored pencil piece, and Johnie,(my own mum) is starting a new colored pencil floral.

We have fantastic students, they are not only dedicated and skilled artists, they are incredibly kind and generous people. Next week we will talk more about the fabulous things they have done to help make this studio a reality.

Peace, love and creativity,


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Word Out Wednesday - BJ Trophies

This is not just your ordinary trophy shop. Next door to our new studio is BJ Trophies - yes, it's another plug for family but hey, it's my blog. I can do what I want. Besides, it's because of them that we have a new studio to work in.

In the top photo you see the handmade pens created by Floyd, my father-in-law and owner of the shop. Above is a shot of just a few of the many items for sale in the showroom.

Here you'll find all sorts of interesting things, from frogs and other critters to crystal letter openers and wooden puzzle boxes. I even bought a tiara here.

The beautiful showroom.

And, the latest addition - the giclee printer! We are so excited about this. Those pretty colors you see coming out of the machine are a few of my paintings in the first test run on canvas. Oh, the possibilities....

To find more info about what they do at the shop, take a look here. Better yet, take a ride over, visit the showroom and then stop in and say hello at the studio.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Opening Day!

When I was growing up in the north woods of Michigan, Opening Day meant deer season. Now, in Florida, it means the first day that Hershberger & Huff Studios is open to the public. We held our first class at our new location, 1735 NE Jacksonville Rd in Ocala, yesterday. This photo shows Jo (Carlynne's Mom) and Nancy hard at work.

Gisela working on her painting.

Coffee or tea anyone? We have a reference library and also a lending library. We are still putting things away and setting up our new schedule. Stop in to see us when you're in the area.

Peace and creativity,


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Word Out Wednesday - Brian Hershberger

Happy Wednesday! This week I want to introduce you to Brian Hershberger. Yes we're related, he's my brother-in-law and he takes the most beautiful photos.

Every time we see a photograph we're looking through the eyes of the photographer. Is it an art form? Does the camera do all the work? Anyone can push a button and sometimes even the most amateur among us get lucky. Yes, the type and quality of equipment used does make a difference but only the human behind the lens can decide on the subject and then make decisions about composition, lighting, color and exposure.

Many of Brian's photos are taken on the Silver River near our home in Florida. He recently put together a book called A DAY ON THE SILVER RIVER. In the back of his book he had this to say....

About the... Artist?

I have been making photos since childhood, and it's no wonder. Virtually every other member of my family is an accomplished artist in some medium. Many have made a living as such, others not so much, but it seems to be a genetic predisposition that I have yet to overcome.

After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting from the University of Florida, I worked in broadcast news, feature films, television series and specials in Los Angeles and Orlando. But now, under the guise of a mild-mannered businessman I have turned my lens to the abundant beauty of the Ocala National Forest. Specifically, the inhabitants of the 5 1/2 mile long Silver River. The photos in this book were all made on or around The River in May 2009. It is my hope that the little details in these candid portraits elicit a feeling, and if they do, then I guess I am an artist.

If you'd like more info about these amazing photos or Brian's book you can contact him here.

Peace and creativity! And, remember, we'll see you at the new studio soon.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Almost There

This is what our new studio looks like from the outside. I can't believe it's mine, mine, all mine!!!!! Well, almost, I do share with Carlynne. But that's the good part, too. As you know, most things are more fun with someone else. And less work.

This is a view of the whole building which is owned by B J Trophies. We will be at 1735 NE Jacksonville Rd in Ocala very soon. We are counting down the days now, so keep checking back here to find out the final date. We have to be out of Red Swan by the last day of April when the lease is up and they close. We plan to be holding our classes in the new studio before the end of the month. Woo-hoo!!! We're almost there!

Peace and love,


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Word Out Wednesday - Kari Haley

Blue Butterfly

Welcome to the second feature for Word Out. Today I want you to take a look at work from artist Kari Haley. She's one of my peers on Blue Canvas. I was first attracted to the pencil work she did on Zuberi - superb handling! I love that she works with different media too. Blue Butterfly is acrylic over graphite and Rose is colored pencil.



Kari says..... "Since I could pick up a crayon I have always been making art. I had the benefit of having a father who was an artist and an art teacher ( he still paints). I attended one year at Kansas City Art Institute. Other than that I am self taught if there is such a thing as I really feel the world around us has an infinite amount of things to learn from and be inspired by. Drawing has always been my main obsession so colored pencil was a wonderful way to play with color and still draw. I have always done detailed work so now I am playing with watercolor and acrylic for a means to be quicker and more loose (but we’ll see how that goes because I love detail). Seeing other artists work online is definitely a great way to broaden my preconceptions of art especially when I otherwise have limited contact with other artists. I am constantly finding out about great artists that I have never heard of. main goal is to never stop making art and to learn as much as I can in the process!"

Bat Cat

I have to say I love Bat Cat. What an attitude! Thanks for sharing your work with us Kari.

Peace and creativity everyone, Carlynne

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Word Out Wednesday - Jeffro Uitto

Welcome to Word Out Wednesday! I've been working on getting my work out there and finding new places to exhibit online so I made a page at Blue Canvas. I love this site. While I was wandering around the gallery pages checking out the incredible array of artwork there, I came across this chair - King Neptune.

King Neptune and the beautiful creations below were made by Jeffro Uitto from Tokeland WA. He creates the most intriguing, organic, flowing wood sculptures I've seen. He's a woodcarver who gets his material from the shore rather than the mill and what he does with nature's castaways is just sublime. Enjoy. Go visit his website to see more and take a look at his profile at Blue Canvas too.

Jeffro in his element.