Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Word Out Wednesday - Kari Haley

Blue Butterfly

Welcome to the second feature for Word Out. Today I want you to take a look at work from artist Kari Haley. She's one of my peers on Blue Canvas. I was first attracted to the pencil work she did on Zuberi - superb handling! I love that she works with different media too. Blue Butterfly is acrylic over graphite and Rose is colored pencil.



Kari says..... "Since I could pick up a crayon I have always been making art. I had the benefit of having a father who was an artist and an art teacher ( he still paints). I attended one year at Kansas City Art Institute. Other than that I am self taught if there is such a thing as I really feel the world around us has an infinite amount of things to learn from and be inspired by. Drawing has always been my main obsession so colored pencil was a wonderful way to play with color and still draw. I have always done detailed work so now I am playing with watercolor and acrylic for a means to be quicker and more loose (but we’ll see how that goes because I love detail). Seeing other artists work online is definitely a great way to broaden my preconceptions of art especially when I otherwise have limited contact with other artists. I am constantly finding out about great artists that I have never heard of. main goal is to never stop making art and to learn as much as I can in the process!"

Bat Cat

I have to say I love Bat Cat. What an attitude! Thanks for sharing your work with us Kari.

Peace and creativity everyone, Carlynne

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