Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Word Out Wednesday - BJ Trophies

This is not just your ordinary trophy shop. Next door to our new studio is BJ Trophies - yes, it's another plug for family but hey, it's my blog. I can do what I want. Besides, it's because of them that we have a new studio to work in.

In the top photo you see the handmade pens created by Floyd, my father-in-law and owner of the shop. Above is a shot of just a few of the many items for sale in the showroom.

Here you'll find all sorts of interesting things, from frogs and other critters to crystal letter openers and wooden puzzle boxes. I even bought a tiara here.

The beautiful showroom.

And, the latest addition - the giclee printer! We are so excited about this. Those pretty colors you see coming out of the machine are a few of my paintings in the first test run on canvas. Oh, the possibilities....

To find more info about what they do at the shop, take a look here. Better yet, take a ride over, visit the showroom and then stop in and say hello at the studio.


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Kelli said...

And the tiara was for me.