Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Word Out Wednesday - Brian Hershberger

Happy Wednesday! This week I want to introduce you to Brian Hershberger. Yes we're related, he's my brother-in-law and he takes the most beautiful photos.

Every time we see a photograph we're looking through the eyes of the photographer. Is it an art form? Does the camera do all the work? Anyone can push a button and sometimes even the most amateur among us get lucky. Yes, the type and quality of equipment used does make a difference but only the human behind the lens can decide on the subject and then make decisions about composition, lighting, color and exposure.

Many of Brian's photos are taken on the Silver River near our home in Florida. He recently put together a book called A DAY ON THE SILVER RIVER. In the back of his book he had this to say....

About the... Artist?

I have been making photos since childhood, and it's no wonder. Virtually every other member of my family is an accomplished artist in some medium. Many have made a living as such, others not so much, but it seems to be a genetic predisposition that I have yet to overcome.

After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Broadcasting from the University of Florida, I worked in broadcast news, feature films, television series and specials in Los Angeles and Orlando. But now, under the guise of a mild-mannered businessman I have turned my lens to the abundant beauty of the Ocala National Forest. Specifically, the inhabitants of the 5 1/2 mile long Silver River. The photos in this book were all made on or around The River in May 2009. It is my hope that the little details in these candid portraits elicit a feeling, and if they do, then I guess I am an artist.

If you'd like more info about these amazing photos or Brian's book you can contact him here.

Peace and creativity! And, remember, we'll see you at the new studio soon.

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Nancy said...

Simply stunning photography! Thanks for sharing it!