Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Opening Day!

When I was growing up in the north woods of Michigan, Opening Day meant deer season. Now, in Florida, it means the first day that Hershberger & Huff Studios is open to the public. We held our first class at our new location, 1735 NE Jacksonville Rd in Ocala, yesterday. This photo shows Jo (Carlynne's Mom) and Nancy hard at work.

Gisela working on her painting.

Coffee or tea anyone? We have a reference library and also a lending library. We are still putting things away and setting up our new schedule. Stop in to see us when you're in the area.

Peace and creativity,



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Kelli said...

Thank you! Wish all of our blog readers were close enough to see it in person. What a thrill for us.

bearfish007 said...

congratulations, ladies! jealous....