Sunday, April 4, 2010

What was in your Easter basket?

Happy Easter, whatever that means to you, and I mean that in the nicest possible way! I'm not a religious person so it doesn't have the same meaning for me that it may for many of you. Right now my thoughts simply go to my children and family. April is a special month for me and as you saw in Kelli's post yesterday I decided to celebrate in a slightly unusual way - by getting a tattoo. It was kind of hard to see the actual design in the other photos so I thought I'd give you a close up - I know, don't do you any favors right?

Years ago this would've been the farthest thing from my mind but things change. Big events in your life have a tendency to make that happen and I wouldn't do something this permanent unless it had big meaning for me. Like Kelli said, going through the whole cancer thing was certainly a big event and makes you think about a lot of things. There was also another big event - it happened 8 years ago - I found my daughter. I'm a birth mom, a member of the adoption triad. She was born in April and she was 22 years old when I found her so basically I spent 22 March's dreading the April's. It meant remembering a lot of painful stuff and was very difficult to deal with. Well now of course I get to celebrate her birthday and let me tell you, seeing my 3 children together for the very first time was one of those life altering moments that's impossible to describe! Now my daughter has 2 moms (thankfully she sees that as a good thing) and I have all 3 kids in my life. So, in honor of the power of "3" there's the triquetra for mind/body/spirit and my 3 children's initials winding through it. I had Amazing Hubby help me with the design - he's a genius with Photoshop.

Getting a tattoo on Easter weekend (or any time for that matter) may seem like a really nutty thing to do, but for me, having a design that Amazing Hubby and I did together to commemorate life and reunions was the perfect thing to do.

Have a beautiful day,

PS: have you ever microwaved a peep?

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