Saturday, April 10, 2010

Movies, guppy babies and string gel

It's been a great Saturday! It started off with Amazing Hubby not having to go to work this morning so we watched a movie and had breakfast in bed - fabulous omelets made by Amazing Hubby. We watched The Time Travelers Wife - good flick.

Then..... we watched fish. We just got this tank set up so we've been having a good time with it, it's very meditative. There was a momma guppy about to pop so she got put in the birthing tank and there she went dropping the babies. I do have to say it's a little creepy to see a creature give birth and immediately turn around and gobble the baby up. ewwww. I think she ate 6 or 7 of them and we might have 20 survivors. Maybe when they're bigger I can get a photo of them.

Then..... it was off to the studio. I just get so excited by textures! This is what I was playing with today - string gel, acrylic and foam squares for stamping. I'm definitely going to have to experiment a little more with this technique. Oh, made some progress on a painting commission and walked a couple of miles too. Yay for productivity!

Now..... it's time for another movie, Blind Side. I've heard it's very good. I hope ya'll are having a nice peaceful evening.

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