Friday, April 2, 2010


Hi All,

Recently I realized that whenever I am doing something, I am not really there. You know, I'll be washing my hair and thinking about what I need to take with me to class, (is my hair washed and rinsed or did I just wet it?) Eating breakfast I am thinking about the new student we will have and what she might be wanting to do today, (where is my egg? did I already eat all that? I've only been sitting here for 5 minutes. Sorry I missed it. Maybe I should have another one.) In bed at night I am thinking about whether I will get my taxes done on time this year, (I wonder if I remembered to list that receipt, I wonder where I put it. No wonder I am so tired during the day.)

So, I have recently been trying to bring myself back to the present moment and be mindful of what I am doing in any given moment. Now that spring is here, I am noticing the flowers as I drive around town. (I know what you are thinking, shouldn't she be mindful of DRIVING while she's driving?) But these are right at my front door, so no humans were injured in the writing of this post.

Enjoy and don't forget to stop and smell the azaleas. (I am really glad spell check has azaleas because I didn't feel like looking it up and yet I know that I could possibly be an example to a young person out there and should not spell it wrong.) And if you have time, join us in downtown Ocala, FL on the square for First Friday Art Walk.

Peace and love,

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Jessi Miller said...

The azeleas are absolutely wonderful! This is my favorite time of year weather-wise, and those azeleas are the sign of it :)