Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Word Out Wednesday

Happy hump day everybody. This week I'd thought I'd share some stuff with you. The first thing being my favorite art magazines - Blue Canvas and Artworks. So what is it that I love about these magazines? Let me count the ways.......

Well, to start with, Blue Canvas is not just a magazine. It's a website that showcases the work of artists, it's a place for artists to interact in a community, it's a shop where artists can sell reproductions of their work and it's an organization that works with companies like Epson, Art supply Warehouse and Scion to support art schools. They truly work in support of artists and that is a HUGE thing.

What do I love about Artworks? They mean it when they say they're "a voice for the arts". There's a large focus on the visual arts but they also have features on movie makers, musicians and dancers. They encompass all the arts and sometimes we need to explore what the other arts are doing. Sometimes our lives as artists can get narrow. It's nice to see in-depth articles and interviews with people involved in other art forms.

For fun, here are a few more places to visit....

Have fun perusing. Oh.... and just a reminder, this Friday is our first Painting Party class so let us know if you're joining us. And just another save the date - June 16th from 5-8 will be our opening party for the studio. Come by and see what we've been up to. More info to come later.

Enjoy the rest of your week and do something creative!

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Nancy said...

I'm hoping I can make it to the party on the 16th! I'll have my granddaughter with me, and I think she'd like to see your studio!