Monday, May 16, 2011

Save the Date - It's a Painting Party!

What in the world are we doing with an electric griddle in the art studio? Not flippin flapjacks I can tell you - although they would be pretty tasty right about now, have you ever tried hot dog pancakes? Anyway, I won't be cooking but I will be melting colored pencils and maybe a few other writing or painting implements while I'm at it. I'll be doing a little demo at our studio for our first ever Friday Night Painting Party.

Here's the save the date part - it's the last Friday of the month - May 27th. The party starts at 7pm and goes til 10. Bring whatever artwork you're working on (any media) and your supplies. Kelli and I will be there to help guide you if you're stuck, help you get started if you're blank or critique if you just want some input. You can even test out the griddle. Beginners and experienced painters are all welcome. Cost is 25.00. We'll have some munchies there and a bucket of ice so along with your art stuff you're welcome to BYOB of your preferred beverage, you can even sip some wine while you paint.

In case you missed it - the studio is located at 1735 NE Jacksonville Rd., Suite 3. If you want to join the party send us an email -

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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The Importance of Being Me said...

That sounds like so much fun!! I wish I could join you guys. I hope you'll take pictures of what everybody creates.