Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Word Out Wednesday-Our Fantastic Students

For this Word Out Wednesday we want to get the word out about our fabulous students who made it possible to open our new studio with lots of help and everything we needed. Their response has been absolutely overwhelming.

The list of things donated is endless, from a mini-refrigerator and microwave to chairs, tables, cleaning supplies and equipment, books, coffee supplies, utility sink, a cup rack, paper goods and many other things, including money donations. The generosity alone is astounding, but the fact that we didn't ask, didn't even mention what we needed and they just started showing up with everything!

A big giant thanks to Lea, Nancy, Jean, Betty, Maria, Jane, Rae Jean, Gisela, and Mary for so many, many things needed. Thanks to Kelli's sister Shelley in California for sending a wonderful good luck gift. We are grateful to both our mothers Jo and Johnie for their donations AND for giving birth to us. Thank you to Kelli's fantastic husband Greg for moving everything with no other manly help and doing handy odd jobs.

Last and far from least, Chuck, Diane and Cindy. Thank you for your donations but also for your time, giving up at least a weekend or more to paint and ready our new building. Kelli is particularly grateful that when she had to go out of town on a family emergency, you stepped up to the plate and were there to make sure that Carlynne did not have to do it all alone. (You made her smile and cry at the same time.)

There is no other word that means the same thing, but there are not enough Thank Yous to express how we feel about all of you. We will always remember our new studio opening with joy because of you. Someone said that your generosity reflects well on us, but I beg to differ. It says a lot about who YOU are. Thank you Hershberger and Huff Studios students, we will never forget this and you rock one and all!

Peace and love,
Kelli and Carlynne

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