Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dali Museum

I am sure that if Salvatore Dali were here, he would have spent Mother's Day with his mother at his museum in St Pete, FL where I was with my family. If you haven't been to the new museum, the architecture is every bit as interesting as the artwork. It came to Dali in a dream as did most of his painted images.

When he was in art school he read Interpretation of Dreams by Freud and started making notes and sketches from his own dreams. Many of his surreal paintings (dripping clocks, etc.) were drawn from these images.

The spiral staircase inside the museum goes up to a point in a glass encased dome where you can look out over people eating on the patio or the water of Tampa Bay and the airport.

I am not related to these people or I would have asked them to move but I thought that would be rude as they are not my relatives.

When you get a chance go see the Dali Museum and the nearby St Pete Pier. The Pier will be rebuilt soon and so will be closed for awhile. Enjoy the view when you have time.

Peace and Creativity,


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