Saturday, June 26, 2010

TV Project 2: The Beginning

Hey All,

I'm back with the second in the series of challenges on "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" on Bravo. I have committed to doing every assignment no matter what (see previous posts for more info). The second project is to create a work of art using electrical appliance junk. If you saw the episode, you know that a lot of the artists focused on television sets. I do not wish to carry and store anything that big or heavy. The Realtors mantra is location, location, location. The artists mantra is storage, storage, storage. And besides I make my own rules because I am not eligible to win $100,000 and that is my consolation prize.

I have a pile of junk from computers, cell phones, cameras, cables, electrical and phone cords, etc. And what you see above is only a part of it. I have an idea that is pretty well formed in my brain but I am not going to share it until it's done. The hard part now is determining how to attache these things to each other. Wish me luck.

The next challenge, according to episode three is to do a cover illustration for a classic novel. I am not gong to use the same ones that they were assigned, as I do not wish to be influenced by the TV artists work. I welcome your suggestions and I will let you know what happens. Tune in for more.

Peace. love and creativity to all,


ennadoolf said...

My favourite novel is Anne of Green Gables - I'd love to see a new cover for that. :)
I look forward to seeing all your projects.

Kelli said...

OMG,it is so funny you should mention Anne of Green Gables. My daughter, who was adopted as an older child of 6, and I, watched that on PBS and on video, so many times we memeorized the entire dialog and it is a multi-hour series! What a great idea, it has meaning for me and her!
Thank you SOOOO much for you input, I will keep you posted.