Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes 3
Acrylic on canvas

Birthday Wishes 2
Acrylic on canvas

The holiday weekend is over, over way too fast in fact. It was a lovely peaceful weekend and I had time to spend in the studio. I'm working on the next piece in the Silent Voices series. This one is about the Magdalene Laundries - tough topic but I have most of the image worked out now. I'll post when I'm a little farther along.

For now what I want to show you are the candle paintings. In a previous post I showed you the the large piece with the 3 candles and the first mother's names with dates in the background. I'm continuing that theme with these small pieces. The reason for this is to support an organization that is working toward reform in the adoption industry. Origins-USA works to increase public awareness of how adoption separation affects mothers and to bring about legislative changes to protect the rights of mothers to nurture their children. Adoptees also suffer as a result of adoption. There's a lot to be done to lessen the pain of adoption and being a first mother myself this is an area close to my heart. I'm selling these small original acrylic pieces for $30 and donating half to Origins. I will personalize the painting with the first mother's name and child's date of birth if requested and I can also customize the candle color.
Please visit the Origins site and see what they're doing. If you or someone you know is interested in helping or if you just have a thing for birthday candles, leave a comment or send an email.


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