Sunday, June 20, 2010

Births, Birthdays and Fathers

Wow! Lots of stuff going on about birthing. Kelli did the last post about me, my daughter and the adoption industry (that's not only a topic for another post, I ought to start another whole blog about it). Today of course we're celebrating fathers and how much we love them. And the biggest news of the week ~ I have a new granddaughter. Welcome to the world beautiful little Maxine Ember! It's a very special Father's Day for my son Aaron. And.... the day after Maxine arrived it was my other daughter's birthday - the quarter century milestone for Sarah. And.... today is Becca's birthday - same milestone. Becca is Maxine's mom, how's that for a birthday present! Anyone who knows our family knows we do things in groups. We have our December birthday group, now we're working on our June birthday group.

So, it's been a pretty hectic week. Not a lot of painting going on. This one is not done yet but you can see where it's going. I'm working on 2 of these to submit to Bentley Publishing. For today this piece will have to be content sitting on the easel all by itself, I just want to hug my Dad and go snuggle a baby.
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there. We love you.

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